Inspired by Kim Hamblin


3rd grade was inspired by Kim Hamblin’s work when they made these collages that incorporated brads.

hamblin1  hamblin2


Art Show 2014


I’m so sorry to say that I didn’t get pictures of the displays of matted artwork this year.  I don’t know how I missed that!  Here are projects of the grade level projects though:

Preschool learned about Wassily Kandinsky and looked at his abstract paintings of shapes. Then, they each did a painting of a rectangle (their shape of the month) the same way Kandinsky painted his circles in his painting Concentric Circles.


P 1

Kindergarten discovered Herve Tullet’s inventive books and then each made their own Book With a Hole.

K 2

K 1

1st Grade learned about Claude Monet, studied his water lily paintings and then made their own.  (Since we have three 1st Grades this year, their paintings took up two boards.)

1st 3

1st 2

1st 1

2nd Grade learned about dot painting from Australia and then (painstakingly) made their own.

2nd 2

2nd 1

3rd Grade learned about local artist Kim Murton and how she makes clay cartoon-like faces and then made their own clay faces.

3rd 2

3rd 1

4th Grade learned about ancient Greek & Roman Mosaics & then made their own (they cheated a little with their process – by painting a picture on clay first and then dividing it up) mosaic.

4th 2

4th 1

5th  Grade learned about furniture design and looked specifically at chairs.  They then designed and made a model out of clay of their own original chair design.

5th  3 5th 2

5th 1

Still Life


5th Grade recently finished studying Still Life paintings from different Artists and time periods. They learned a lot about space and how it can be shown and manipulated in a Still Life. We set up a rather complex still life in our classroom to observe. I gave the students view finders to use if they wanted and they noticed how different the same still life could look based on what angle you were looking at it and how you cropped it. For their final still life they could use their view finder and then draw a smaller, cropped area of the still life in the room or they could draw the still life as they saw it without a view finder.
still life1 still life3 still life2