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Prints that Represent Me


6th Grade recently finished making block prints that represent something about themselves.  This was the first time they had done any printmaking and I thought they did a fantastic job!




Smile PC


In the beginning of the year 6th Grade learned about Boston Artist Bren Bataclan & how he leaves his paintings for people to find and keep for free.  His hope is that he will bring a smile to the face of the person who finds his paintings.  We decided to do the same thing at our school.  Each of the 6th graders worked hard on a painting & we will spend the rest of the school year leaving them around the school for people to find.  Four have been left somewhere so far but I thought I’d show you a few that have yet to be hidden. You can find out more about Bren Bataclan and follow a link to video about him from CBS evening News on his website