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1st grade is learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Here are some of their Sunflower paintings. Next Week they are going to make Starry Night Skies.
vangogh1 vangogh3


Henri Matisse’s Goldfish


1st Grade began the school year in science learning about fish and observing goldfish that were in their classroom.  In art we also studied goldfish and how to draw them.  1st Grade learned about Henri Matisse and  familiarized themselves with his paintings then they used his painting “The Goldfish” as inspiration for their own goldfish paintings.  They observed how Matisse outlined objects in most of his paintings and they traced over the contour lines of their drawings with a black marker before they painted.

  “The Goldfish”  1910,  by: Henri Matisse



What 1st Grade Wants to Eat on Thanksgiving…


1st grade has been studying the art of Henri Matisse.  They learned that he turned to making pictures by “drawing with scissors” toward the end of his career when he was bed ridden and then in a wheelchair.  We looked at Matisse’s picture “Vegetables” and then I asked them to make a picture of what they wish they could eat on Thanksgiving using only paper and glue…I didn’t even let them have pencils.




Welcome Back


Welcome Back!  Art doesn’t start until the middle of September so it took me a few weeks to have some work to show.  I’ll try to post updates every couple of weeks from here on out so be sure to check back often because there are a lot of exciting things coming up.


1st Grade will be spending the year looking at specific Artists and exploring some basic principles of design.  We began with American Color Field painter Kenneth Noland & explored vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines using colored tissue paper.  Here are a few of the results.  Right now all of these are displayed on the bulletin board in the hallway of the main building.



Every year, 3rd Grade spends time in class learning about Portland and even takes a field trip downtown in the Spring.  I decided to enhance this by spending the year with them exploring art & Artists in and around Portland.  These fabulous works are inspired by Portland Artist Kim Hamblin.  She uses cut paper and nails to make beautiful works of art.  We looked at her work, talked about complementary colors & then used paper & brads to make our artwork.  The piece above by Kim Hamblin is called Flight 5 & if you have a chance you should really check out her work at