Monthly Archives: November 2013

Still Life


5th Grade recently finished studying Still Life paintings from different Artists and time periods. They learned a lot about space and how it can be shown and manipulated in a Still Life. We set up a rather complex still life in our classroom to observe. I gave the students view finders to use if they wanted and they noticed how different the same still life could look based on what angle you were looking at it and how you cropped it. For their final still life they could use their view finder and then draw a smaller, cropped area of the still life in the room or they could draw the still life as they saw it without a view finder.
still life1 still life3 still life2


The Grid Again


3rd Grade once again learned about Leroy Setziol, the Father of Woodcarving in the Northwest. They used Styrofoam to make prints using a grid as the backbone for their design. I think they turned out beautifully this year!
grid3 grid2 grid1 grid4