Monthly Archives: October 2013

Color Mixing


It is color week in the Kindergarten classrooms. In the art room, Kindergarten has been learning about Leo Lionni. To tie into both of these we read “Little Blue & Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni together yesterday and then we saw what colors we could make by “hugging” balls of play dough together. There were squeals of delight as I heard kids yelling out the colors they were able to make. Once they had filled their color wheel, they had to figure out the mystery color. They took a little piece of every color and mixed it together to see what color it would make.
color wheel


Cylinder Seals


4th Grade is working their way through the different periods of Art History. They have been looking at art from the Ancient Near East and learned that cylinder seals were used as a signature stamp on clay tablets. Last week, they made their own personal cylinder seals out of clay and once they have dried and been fired they are going to try them out.
seal3 seal2