Monthly Archives: October 2012

Logo Sketches


5th Grade just began a unit on logo design.  We spent our first class talking about what makes a good logo and making sketches.  They are going to use initials from their name to make logos to represent themselves.  I asked them to make at least 10 sketches of ideas for their logo.  I stressed that by sketching they were just coming up with ideas and that they shouldn’t look perfect or even all be good ideas.  I also reminded them that you can’t come up with a good idea if you don’t have some bad ones and encouraged them to just draw everything they could think of and not analyze it.  It was really hard for a few of them to do that but by the end of class everyone had a page full of ideas.  Next, we will narrow them down and make our final design.



Cuneiform Tablets


4th Grade just finished learning about Art from the Ancient Near East.  They studied cuneiform, the first form of writing, and then made their own cuneiform tablets using a stylus and wet clay.


Designs in a Grid


3rd Grade has been learning about Oregon Artists.  They recently finished a unit about Leroy Setziol, the Father of Woodcarving in the Northwest.  By studying his carvings they noticed that a lot of his designs seemed to be based on a grid.  They started with graph paper and made their own designs working within the structure of the grid, using simple shapes and paying special attention to the positive and negative space they were creating.  Then, they transferred the designs onto foam sheets and we printed their designs in gold ink on brown tissue paper.

Henri Matisse’s Goldfish


1st Grade began the school year in science learning about fish and observing goldfish that were in their classroom.  In art we also studied goldfish and how to draw them.  1st Grade learned about Henri Matisse and  familiarized themselves with his paintings then they used his painting “The Goldfish” as inspiration for their own goldfish paintings.  They observed how Matisse outlined objects in most of his paintings and they traced over the contour lines of their drawings with a black marker before they painted.

  “The Goldfish”  1910,  by: Henri Matisse