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2nd Grade Calabash Bowls


In October, the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie’s Island graciously donated 35 fresh Bird House gourds to us.  2nd grade has been anxiously watching them dry all year and have been really excited to watch their progress every time they come to art.  Last week, they were finally ready and being able to use them was a fitting way for 2nd grade to end their year in the Art Room.  They learned that in Africa, dried Calabash Gourds are used to make things such as bowls, cups, bottles, etc.  We studied the designs on African Calabash and then painted similar designs on our bowls.  Below are some pictures of the gourds throughout the year and some of the finished bowls.

 African Calabash Bottle

The gourds when they were fresh.

The gourds after they were dry.



Some of the finished Calabash Bowls.


1st Grade’s Water Lilies


Yesterday, 1st Grade learned about Claude Monet.  They looked at his Water Lily paintings and then worked with a partner to make one of their own.  I think they turned out fabulous!

  “Water Lilies” 1920-26 by: Claude Monet



Indian Rangoli


2nd Grade learned about Rangoli from India.  Every morning women in Southern India begin their day by drawing a symmetrical design called rangoli on the ground in front of their homes as a symbol of welcome.  We went outside and 2nd grade attempted their own rangoli using chalk.  I heard lots of positive comments from the teachers and one even told me it looked so welcoming so good work 2nd grade!






Cubist Faces


4th Grade recently learned that cubism tries to show something from multiple angles in the same picture.  They looked at some of Pablo Picasso’s paintings of faces and then attempted their own using oil pastels.

“Dora Maar” 1936  by: Pablo Picasso