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Art Show 2012


Thanks to everyone who made it to the Student Showcase & Art Show last night.  If you couldn’t make it here are some pictures of the art work and each grade’s project for the evening.





Kindergarten looked at Beth Krommes’ illustrations in the book “The House in the Night” and learned all about how wood block printing is done.  Then they made their own houses in the night by printing a styrofoam block that they had carved.

1st Grade learned the different parts of a landscape (horizon line, background, middle ground and fore ground) by looking at landscapes by Vincent Van Gogh.  They painted each part of their landscape separately and then we put them together so they were three dimensional in order to emphasize the different parts.

2nd Grade learned about batik which originated in Indonesia then they dyed their own piece of fabric using the batik method.

3rd Grade worked together to make a black and white painting of Mt. Hood. Each student was given a strip of the picture and a strip of paper and after learning about value (the darkness or lightness of a color) were asked to mix and copy the  values in their strip of the picture onto their strip of paper. They didn’t know it was a picture of Mt. Hood until we put them all together when they were done.

4th Grade learned about Greek pottery and then made their own pot using coils of clay.  To decorate it we covered the entire piece with black slip (a mixture of clay and water) and then they scratched Greek inspired designs into it to show the white clay underneath the slip.

5th Grade learned about Christian & Medieval Art from the Middle Ages and that painting on a wooden panel became popular during this period because paintings meant to inspire worship could be moved from place to place. They were each given a wooden panel and were asked paint on it in the style of the wooden panels we had looked at.

6th Grade learned about installation art and were inspired by artist Tara Donovan’s  use of everyday objects such as plastic drinking straws and styrofoam cups to create pieces of art.  Then they made a hanging sculpture out of origami pyramids that they had made.