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Art Show 2011


I’m so glad that you’ve found the Art Room Blog.  Next year I plan to try to update this every couple of weeks so you can always have a first hand look at what we are working on.

Thank you to all who came to the Student Showcase & Art Show last night.  It was so great to see you & share with you all of your student’s wonderful art!  If you couldn’t make it I have posted some photos of the night down below. I am sorry for some of the blurriness and the wrong date at the bottom of the pictures, this camera is new to the Art Room & last night was my first time using it.


These are a couple of pictures from the Art Show.  Below are larger pictures of each grade level’s group art project.

Kindergarten’s Clay Birds  While making these we learned about warm & cool colors & how to attach two pieces of clay together (score & slip).

First Grade’s Fruit Still Life’s  We studied the art of Paul Cezanne and used oil pastels to make our own still life in his style.

Second & 2/3A’s Mixed Up Clay Animals  After reading some of Jack Prelutsky’s poems from Scranimals the students created their own new animal using parts from three real animals.

Third Grade’s Bridges  Third Grade has been learning all about Portland’s bridges this year in class.  To go along with this, they were split up into groups and made the bridges out of construction paper.

Fourth Grade’s Landscapes  Wolf Kahn is an amazing American landscape painter & colorist. Fourth Grade studied his use of color and vanishing point perspective when they made these.

Fifth Grade’s Mobiles  I am really sorry this picture isn’t better…these were amazing to see last night hanging from the ceiling in the hallway! Alexander Calder was a sculptor who invented the mobile.  Fifth grade created their own mobiles in his style and in the process they learned just how difficult & frustrating it can be to get them to balance.

Sixth Grade’s Installation of Corks  Sixth Grade learned all about installation art and just how powerful it can be because it usually requires the viewer to use more than just the sense of sight to experience it.  As a group they came up an idea and constructed an installation piece of art specifically for the show last night.