Art Like Goldsworthy


5th grade studied the art of Andy Goldsworthy and then we went outside to create our own Goldsworthy inspired art on the playground.  The students each created a piece of temporary art on the playground and only had about 15 minutes to do it.  Just as Andy Goldsworthy does, we photographed them when we were done so that we would have something to look at when we talked about them and so we would have something to display.

goldsworthy2  goldsworthy1


Cylinder Seals


4th grade has been learning about Art from the Ancient Near East.  They made their own personal cylinder seals and then rolled them in wet clay.

seal1  seal2 seal3  seal4

Art Show at East Portland Community Center


Our student’s (K-12th Grade) art is up at East Portland Community Center (740 SE 106th Ave. Portland, OR).  Mrs. Park (the High School Art Teacher) and I will be hosting a Reception tomorrow night, May 1st, from 6-8pm.  If you can’t make it tomorrow night, the art will be up until May 28th so stop by sometime to check it out.  Until then here is a sneak peak.

jelly copy

IMG_0606 IMG_0605

IMG_0603 IMG_0604